CADMAXX Staffing motto: “Right assessment of the candidate is our business investment”

CADMAXX offers a range of technical staffing services to suit the requirements of customers, starting from contract staffing to HR consultancy complemented by flexible models at optimal cost and time. CADMAXX is working with some of the major IT, ITES & Non-IT companies for providing Consultation & Staffing solutions. All Staffing solutions activities are carried and monitored by technical professionals which help’s greatly in understanding the customer requirements accurately at the first time.

CADMAXX STAFFING solutions Models are

  • HR consultancy & Group Recruitment: CADMAXX will facilitate suitable resources from the open market or recruit, Train, and bring them on the customer’s board for project requirements.
  • Resource sharing & Contract Staffing: CADMAXX deputes its employees for assignment or at recruit resources from the market on a contract basis for specific customer requirements.

CADMAXX’s more than a decade experience working with Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Engineering, FMCG, Energy, special purpose machine, Automation, Refinery and Medical Engineering industries and Matured process adopted is a key factor in achieving robust customer base including, OEM’s, Engineering Services Providers, Govt Organisations,

We works with domestic and overseas customers by adhering to all statutory requirements.

HR Consultancy & Group Recruitment

In today’s competitive environment organizations cannot afford the luxury of making a poor hiring decision or having employees misaligned to objectives. We better understand that today’s business demand is having the right people doing the right things, the right way, at the right time.

CADMAXX offers HR consultancy Services for the customer with an assurance to let you find the best candidates for your organization and requirements,

As always there is an unprecedented need for individuals with engineering and technical skills. Certain application requirements need to have specific exposure & expertise, as per the need and requirement CADMAXX resource Search uses exhaustive and pro-active processes to tap the hidden and passive job market for highly resourceful individuals.

We CADMAXX process is a project-based service carried out by experienced professionals with strong credibility and recognition in the industry. Customers have peace of mind working with a business partner who completely understands the requirements, and works closely together to find the right person to fit requirements.

Our dedicated HR team can take up the entire process of identifying the creamy layer of the students from various academic institutes or open market. The team ensures requirements study and understand the business culture to invite candidates, interview, recruit, train, and bring them on board as per customer’s project requirement and plan.

Meanwhile, CADMAXX, run background checks, references check behalf of our customers with minimal involvement of the customer.

Resource sharing & Contract Staffing

CADMAXX offers staffing solutions to the engineering community with flexible models at optimal cost and time. The dedicated team of professionals working exclusively to cater to the requirements of skilled resources in the area of Aerospace, Automotive, and general engineering verticals.

Always provides the best talents and skilled engineers who are ready to meet the global challenges for offshore or onsite requirements in engineering Services and ITes.

And Cadmaxx always has been sourcing the right candidates who are well experienced in their chosen field, with a flawless track record, admirable educational background, certifications, and relevant experience in the latest tools and technology.

Our structured methodologies, proven processes, innovative business models and our experience helps us in delivering values on a sustained basis and help our customers to enjoy the cost and time effective solutions for hiring required skilled resource on need basis.

CADMAXX Shares its Engineering services resources to be part of the customer’s ongoing project/Program as per the requirements with short notice for short term contact or long-term contact with the customer
In case of non-availability matching skills from the team, CADMAXX hires resources from open market for specified skills on contact basis and facilitate resource to the customer as agreed

Quality and on-time Service is the key differentiating factor from our competitors