CADMAXX is engrossed in providing forfeit constructive and reliable solutions to customers wideness various engineering industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Design, by leveraging technology expertise and innovative merchantry models to write long-term merchantry objectives.
A highly skilled and motivated team of competent engineers with industrial wits under the guidance of domain experts executes challenging problems in the field of structural design, product design, manufacturing support, and Tool diamond using high-end engineering software tools.

CADMAXX‘s technological expert’s team render services to its customer by carrying out conventional services such as

  • Digitization
  • Building 3D models
  • Digital Mockup activities (DMU)
  • Electrical Wire harness design
  • Finite Element Meshing (FEM) and various simulations by using CAE tools.

CADMAXX Engineering services are on par with required international standards


CADMAXX has state of the art facility for design and fabricates the headers for specific requirements such as high-pressure Descaling, Roll cooling, and High pressure pumping systems at steel plants. Dedicated shop floor with latest pieces of equipment and tools to build complete systems involving various products such as High-pressure Valves, Nozzles, filters, and other related products.
Products and Systems-Designed, Developed, and supplied

  • Stainless steel and carbon steel Headers
  • Polypropylene Headers
  • Simplex and duplex filters
  • Log cooling system design and integration
  • Modernization of descaling system
  • Design of High-pressure Pumping system line
  • Engineering consultancy service for line maintenance and optimization


CADMAXX’s domain experts design the systems such as High Pressure pumping systems and Descaling systems by using the best suitable products available from the global market and CADMAXX imports world-class products for its customer as it is required by the customer.
Team of Trained professionals from CADMAXX assures the customer about service and support on behalf of the OEM’s for various imported products in Descaling lines such as Valves, Nozzles, filters, and other related products

  • CADMAXX adds value to its customer by educating about the various products and technologies for meeting the requirements and also merits and demerits at optimal cost and also provides service and support to the imported products.
  • Extends support to its customer by offering maintenance contract of the high-pressure valves, pumps, and its allied products
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning of steel plant types of equipment and systems

Range of products for sales and support

  • High-pressure descaling valves
  • High-pressure check valves
  • High-pressure unloading valves
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Accumulator with pumping systems.