CADMAXX enables every technical professional with latest tools and technologies essential for global engineering organizations. Offering wide range of Training programs for students and professionals from Mechanical/Automobile/Industrial /Electrical /Civil/Aeronautical Engineering and non-technical professionals.


We offer CAD/CAE Courses-

  • NX-CAD
  • PRO-E
  • ANSYS…
CADMAXX Training models are

  • Academic Training
  • Professional training
  • Corporate Training
  • Vocational training
  • Academic Projects

CADMAXX is known across the industry for its high-quality of teaching methodologies, courseware and lab assignments and state of the art infrastructure. These programs concentrate more on the quick adaption of advanced engineering software tools in the design-to-manufacture environment for better results. UNIQUE approach of our training includes software tool training blended with domain knowledge and case studies /Projects.

Strong association with OEM’s and Global engineering companies has helped us in providing trainings using cutting-edge tools & technologies to the engineering community at large.

CADMAXX is Authorized Training Centre for SolidWorks, Catia, PTC University, Altair Hyperworks, Siemens…




India is progressing in Engineering, science and technology. However other side of the coin is that we have a very large young population who are unemployed due to early school dropouts at various stages of schooling for various reasons.

A majority of Indian Youth do not possess marketable skills which are an impediment in getting decent employment and improving economic condition of them. Economic growth require not just a large working population, but people who are trained and skilled to work in different industries.

GOI and state governments are sponsoring many training programs for youths to acquire skills in specialized sectors to enhance the employability thus improving the economy

CADMAXX being in the training for more than a decade to serve the industry and society with its contribution for facilitating training programs sponsored by various departments of the government as authorised training provider/Partner .

India will have a surplus people in the working age group by 2020 vs. a shortage of in the rest of the world “Great opportunity for India” to tap international labour markets in coming days